A tale of innovation and…eye drops



Once upon a time in a peaceful suburb, there lived a spirited and ingenious chap named Peter. At the ripe age of 89, Peter still enjoyed living independently in his two-storey townhouse, a place brimming with memories and echoes of laughter from times gone by. 

Peter was no ordinary bloke. In his younger days, he’d been right at the forefront of technology, tinkering with electronics and playing a pivotal role in setting up the first computer in the UK. Those were the days of excitement and innovation, where every discovery felt like a step into an uncharted future. 

As time marched on, Peter found himself grappling with a bit of a sticky wicket – glaucoma. The doctors advised him to regularly administer eye drops, a simple enough task for most, but a bit of a challenge for Peter with his condition. 


But, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention

One day, while wandering through the local chemist, Peter had a lightbulb moment. He found a simple eye bath, worth just a couple of dollars, and an idea sparked in his brilliant mind. With the same precision and ingenuity that he applied in his electronics career, Peter got to work. 

He carefully drilled a hole in the base of the eye bath, just big enough to snugly fit his eye drop bottle. This crafty modification turned a plain eye bath into a perfect guide for administering his eye drops.  

The device was a marvel of simplicity and effectiveness, a testament to Peter’s knack for solving problems with what’s at hand. 

  man administering eye drops with innovative eye dropper

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This of course is no fairytale, but the true story of our amazingly resourceful client Peter. 

When asked about his home-made eye drop dispenser Peter tells you with great pride, “I couldn’t get one, so I made one myself,” his eyes twinkling with the same sharp intelligence and wit that had defined his youth. 

We love Peter’s beautiful mind for innovation.  His $2 eye drop dispenser (patent pending), shows his innate resourcefulness and proves that the simplest solutions are often the best. 

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