Search for change sets Caitlin on path for others

Ironically, it was leaving her home of Wagga Wagga for a new environment further north which allowed Caitlin to assist people in remaining in their own homes.

“I’d been in Wagga Wagga my whole life and moving was a crazy thought that popped into my head one day,” Caitlin said.

“I had my Aspire4life interview over Skype and got the job. So up I came, and I’ve been in the role now for more than a year.

“I’m really inspired to help people live holistically and take that holistic approach of being able to stay in their own homes and still do things for themselves.”

Originally working in medical centres and personal training, Caitlin said her new career, which allows her to link clients to My Aged Care Regional Assessment Services (RAS), was rewarding. A key cog in allowing clients to seek ways to maintain their independence through a range of services available, Caitlin said the role was in line with her approach to life.

“My background and being a PT really does inspire me to want to assist people as doing the things you love to do is so mentally and physically good for you,” she said.

“If you’re still able to do them with a bit of assistance, then that’s great. There’s plenty of success stories where people have gotten some assistance or extra support which has helped them maintain their independence, which makes them so happy.”

Dealing with a range of situations and scenarios, the 27-year-old said not only has she been able to assist others, but the role had taught her a lot about herself also.

“You need empathy and sympathy and you need to be caring, because there’s a lot of times you need to go above and beyond for clients,” Caitlin said.

“You need understanding and patience and I’ve grown as a person and the job has taught me a lot about myself.

“I love to help people. It can be difficult and sometimes you need to take a step back when dealing with challenges and have patience. People can be upset, but sometimes they’re the ones who need assistance the most.”
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