New challenge unlocks passion for Eden

An artist whose work comes to life through her Aboriginal and Samoan heritage, Eden’s passionate approach to drawing and painting is the same as that to her role, where she takes the opportunity to lend an ear to clients who share their unique stories and aspirations.

“I was working as a receptionist after five years in a complaints role, so I was looking for a new career and when the opportunity to work at Aspire4Life arose, I went for it and got it,” Eden said.

“Initially, it wasn’t about passion, I was just looking for a new challenge, but now I really love it.

“I love helping people and I love getting on the phone and having a chat with clients and building that relationship and letting them know they can trust us and be comfortable with us.”

As a not-for-profit human services organisation, Aspire4Life partners with government organisations and other community leaders to deliver programs including My Aged Care Regional Assessment Services (RAS). An Aspire4Life Liaison for the Darling Downs and Brisbane North areas, Eden acts as a conduit between clients and the RAS, taking more than 40 calls a day as she schedules home visits. An early bird and a people person, Eden’s position offers her the opportunity to play a key role in assisting people to maintain their independence at home while alleviating concerns for their loved ones.

“I like coming in early and doing the rostering as I’m the person who organises assessors to go out to people’s homes and arrange their service referrals.” Eden said.

“You hear a lot of family members on the phone getting worried about their loved ones going into care, but the clients’ will is so strong and independent, the service is definitely a great thing for them to have.”

While her journey is only in its early stages, Eden will celebrate six months with Aspire4Life next month and is excited by the opportunity to assist more clients as she continues to grow in the role. The newest member of her team, the 25-year-old said she was also looking forward to taking the next wave of staff under her wing when the time comes.
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