From sales to service with heart

The Gold Coast sparkles with sun, sand, and sea – a perfect blend of nature’s beauty. And living in this paradise is Marie, a young-hearted, mature woman with a zest for life, a passion for the beach, and an unyielding spirit. Having grown up around beaches in places like La Perouse in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and the Central Coast’s Shelly Beach, the shores have been a constant, comforting presence in her life. 

Marie’s journey, though interwoven with the pristine beauty of beaches, has been as multifaceted as the grains of sand. She spent two decades in sales, co-selling educational packages, riding the highs and lows of a challenging job. But when the world changed due to Covid, so did Marie’s perspective. She wanted a shift – not just of location, but of purpose. She felt a pull towards human services, driven by an urge to give back and to be a beacon of positivity in a time of global distress. 


New beginnings 

The Gold Coast wasn’t just a change of scenery; it marked the beginning of her new career. Introduced to Aspire4Life by a friend who is vision-impaired, Marie was very keen to join the team because of their inclusive culture. Although her initial application for a role in the scheduling team wasn’t successful, the recruitment team recognised her potential and offered her a position as Customer Service Liaison. Aspire4Life’s ethos resonated with Marie, echoing the values she held dear. 

Marie’s role involves connecting with clients and setting them up for service assessments. She’s the bridge between My Aged Care and in-home support. Marie is genuinely passionate about her job. Where once she revelled in the thrill of making a sale, she now finds genuine joy in helping others.  

“I never used to understand it when people said ’love your job and it’s not a job’, but now I do,” beams Marie.  


Culture is key 

Being vision impaired, Marie appreciates the inclusive nature of her workplace – from vision-impaired bubbles at stairs to bright lighting, the environment is tailored to support employees with disability. But it’s not just about infrastructure; it’s about the people. On a team cultural day, faced with a challenging walk, Marie was ready to bow out, only to be met with a wall of support from her colleagues who ensured she experienced the beauty of Fingal headland. The bond within the team is palpable, and it’s this bond that makes every day rewarding for Marie. 

“Everyone genuinely gets on with each other, so every day is fun and inspiring. We have such a good crew, and the culture is incredible.” 

Marie’s journey hasn’t been devoid of challenges. At 26, she suffered a stroke, resulting in her vision loss. Classified as 100% vision loss, she navigates the world with limited central vision in one eye, while the other grants her peripheral vision. During her recovery from the stroke, Marie found support in organisations like the Blind Society and Guide Dogs Australia.  She knows firsthand the way support services champion you to regain confidence, autonomy, and contentment.  

For Marie, a fulfilling day at work is when she can support her clients seamlessly. Working in a team that’s both fun and encouraging makes every day at Aspire4Life a feel-good day.  

“This job is a dream come true. I’m never leaving. They’ll have to kick me out,” Marie says with a chuckle. 


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