Blending passion and profession

Andrew Lambourn is a Multi-Program Assessor for Veterans Home Care (VHC) and Regional Assessment Service (RAS) at Aspire4Life 

At the youthful age of 40 Andrew has already lived a full and inspiring life.  He’s worked in the health sector for over 21 years as an enrolled nurse in a myriad of departments and has devoted himself to some projects 4000 kilometres from home.   Being a country boy from Victoria you can tell straight away he has a strong work ethic and is disciplined and committed to his chosen cause.  

Andrew’s healthcare journey began with a qualification in nursing which has seen him case manage for Family Services and run a busy day surgery. He even ventured to Darwin where he worked in the specialty area of bloodborne viruses, which he found both interesting and rewarding.  

During his two decades in health, Andrew did take a two-year creative detour to pursue a passion of interior design, finessing house plans for builders and staging display homes.  This change allowed him to fulfill a long-time dream, use his mind artistically and recharge his health care battery. 


What track led Andrew to Aspire4life? 

It’s not unusual for enrolled nurses to work in aged care at some point in their careers. It’s a wonderful way to broaden knowledge and experience, and many choose to stay once they know the satisfaction it brings. Andrew’s unique skillset however, made him perfect for a position in the Aspire4Life assessment team. In fact, he works within the multi-program area due to his diverse expertise.  This includes developing service plans for older Australians to promote independence and working with veterans to support them living at home.  

“I’ve worked in many rewarding health fields, but this role really challenges me, and I know I’m supporting real people in a real way,” Andrew explained.  

“As an Assessor I get to combine my skills in case management and nursing, so it’s brought all my passions together in one role.” 

When he steps out of the office, Andrew says he lives a simple life with his partner, but he’s always daydreaming about their next overseas getaway.  They have already traveled extensively but believe you can never travel too much.  Exploring exotic places allows him to refresh and reenergise so he’s primed for another year of client care. 


What’s next for Andrew?  

Always aiming high, Andrew is undertaking the Emerging Leaders program with Aspire4Life, intending to continue to grow and learn. One of the reasons Andrew wants to take his career to new heights with Aspire4Life is the amazing culture.  Many places talk the talk when it comes to their philosophy, but Aspire4Life walks it too.  

Andrew’s finishing comments will resonate with many, “Knowing I’m appreciated by colleagues and clients makes everything I do worthwhile, it makes my day.” 

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