Small changes, big impact

goods, equipment and assistive technology (GEAT) available through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), arranged by Aspire4Life.

In the journey of life, there often come moments when the simplest of things can make a world of difference. Gloria’s story is a testament to the transformative power of small, thoughtful interventions that have had a profound impact on her independence and quality of life. 

Gloria reached out to My Aged Care during a challenging period in her life. The loss of her husband and her declining health had significantly affected her ability to move freely and engage in daily activities. Basic tasks like walking, cleaning, and accessing her community had become increasingly challenging for her. Gloria, who had previously undergone a triple bypass surgery, also lived with constant leg pain, so it was crucial for her to stay active and mobile, but she needed support. 

Donna, one of our compassionate Home Support Assessors, met Gloria to discuss her needs and find solutions that would enhance her quality of life. 

Gloria had previously tried a meal provider, but they didn’t fully align with her diabetic diet requirements. And there were no domestic service providers available in her local area. Gloria and Donna had to think creatively to address her unique challenges and ensure her home remained safe and conducive to her well-being. 


Independence at home with the right home appliances

To empower Gloria’s independence, they explored the range of goods, equipment and assistive technology (GEAT) available through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). These simple items would go on to make a significant difference in Gloria’s life. Among the items provided were a tipping kettle, non-slip mats, a lightweight stick vacuum, can and jar openers, a night light, and a toe washer. 

GEAT products can provide valuable assistance by addressing the client’s essential needs and promoting their well-being. Ranging from mobility aids and home modification equipment to personal care items, the products can play a crucial role in enhancing quality of life and maintaining independence. By facilitating access to these products, the CHSP enables older people to stay in their home and community comfortably and safely, thus promoting their autonomy, dignity, and overall health and happiness. 

The impact of these seemingly ordinary items was nothing short of extraordinary for Gloria and she expressed her gratitude, sharing that each piece of equipment had improved her life in meaningful ways. 

“Everything is just so useful,” Gloria remarked. “Sometimes you get things and think, ‘What am I going to do with this?’ or ‘This thing is useless.’ But not these items. They are all so useful, and most of them I didn’t even know existed.”


The GEAT secret to independence at home

Gloria’s newfound independence and improved quality of life are testament to the power of thoughtful solutions tailored to her specific needs. The simple act of providing the right tools made a world of difference.  

Donna shared her own sentiments about her work. “Gloria is yet another reason I love my job so much. Making a difference in people’s lives makes my heart happy,” she said. 

Gloria’s story serves as a reminder that sometimes, it’s the small changes that have the potential to make the most significant impact. The specialist support of individuals like Donna, combined with the provision of practical equipment and solutions, can empower individuals to live their lives to the fullest. 


At Aspire4Life, we are committed to supporting people like Gloria achieve greater independence, happiness, and well-being. Our strength-based approach, combined with a focus on inclusivity and innovation, allows us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we support.  

If you or a loved one would like information about GEAT products and how they can support independence, you can call us on 1300 012 055, 7am – 5pm.