Margie and her robotic “Prince”

Despite facing numerous health challenges that restrict her mobility, Margie has held fast to her desire of living independently in her home. When Home Support Assessor Donna met Margie, she knew her mission was crystal clear: to support her in pursuit of self-reliance, and the outcome was simply enchanting. 

During Margie and Donna’s assessment discussions, it was determined that a variety of services would support her to maintain independence, including transportation, domestic assistance, occupational therapy, and home modifications. New arrangements were coming together splendidly until a challenge presented itself.  Donna found out there were no domestic assistance providers in the area. But, inspired by Margie’s aspirations, she sought a creative technological solution.


Technology reigns to clean

Enter “Prince George”, a robot vacuum that soon became much more than just a cleaning device. Prince George, affectionately named by Margie, not only ensures the floors are spotless but also serves as her loyal companion. Their daily exchanges, from cheerful ‘hellos’ to calming ‘goodnights’, have added warmth to Margie’s days. With comments like “You’re such a good boy for cleaning those floors”, it’s evident the bond is a lot of fun.  

Margie jokes , “He’s a wonderful pet that requires little to no food – he feeds himself, little toileting – I empty his tray weekly, no cleaning up after – he cleans up after me, no chewed furniture or scratched floors, no demands to be patted, no barking or screeching, no pet hair, no demands to be walked – he exercises himself, no biting visitors – he cleans up after them too!” 

Margie’s delightful feedback says it all. George is the perfect pet without the usual fuss. 


The princess and the pain-free sheets

Donna also arranged tag sheets which have worked wonders for Margie in more ways than one. What was once an exhausting, day-long activity, making her bed has now become a simple, pain-free task, supporting Margie to achieve her independence. With the added bonus of sweet dreams. 

“They’re like being wrapped in silk and I sleep so much better now.  I also feel a sense of achievement that I can make my own bed again,” Margie reports.  

These GEAT products were made possible through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, which aims to build on people’s individual strengths and abilities supporting them to remain living independently and safely at home.


The royal treatment

With Margie currently experiencing some additional health challenges it’s nice to know she can rest well in her sheets fit for a queen.  And with good old Prince George by her side, she has a loyal companion who helps out around the castle.  With her resilient and playful personality, we expect Margie will continue to find joy in her independence and comfort as she recovers. 


If you would like information on home supports that enhance independent living call 1300 012 055  or email [email protected].  You might just find your own “Prince George”.   

GEAT (Goods, Equipment and Assistive Technology) refers to items that help older Australians manage a range of health conditions, reduce risk of falls, assist with daily activities that may pose a challenge and minimise reliance on family or formal carers.