Home sweet home with support

Recovery isn’t just about the physical challenges; it’s about navigating the intricacies of daily life.

Maxwell experienced a sudden and significant decline in health that forced him into hospital.  After some time, he found himself transitioning from sickbay to his home environment, and while he was eager to embrace the comforts of home, he also had slight apprehension. Ann, his wife, managing her own health worries, wondered how they would balance their daily care and recovery together. 

For Ann, the thought of single-handedly providing full-time care to her husband was daunting. The weight of her own health concerns, along with her husband’s recovery, posed a challenge that was overwhelming. Standing strong, Maxwell and Ann were determined to remain together at home, but it was clear to them that some external support would be of benefit. 


Looking at the whole picture

Enter Veronica, a compassionate and skilled Home Support Assessor. Veronica quickly recognised the common situation the couple was experiencing. It wasn’t just about aiding Maxwell in his recovery journey; it was equally about ensuring Ann didn’t feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of care. 

Together, the three of them charted a course. Veronica meticulously assessed their needs, ensuring both Maxwell’s recovery and Ann well-being were at the forefront. Through thoughtful collaboration, a number of support services were introduced into their daily lives. For Maxwell, this meant exploring assistive technology tools designed to support him to gradually regain his independence. And for Ann, it opened doors to resources that allowed her to balance her own health while being a pillar of support for her husband. 

“I was so happy with how the support services responded to their needs so quickly and efficiently,” says Veronica. 


Caring for carers

One of the significant connections she facilitated was with Carer Gateway 

“This organisation provides both emotional and practical assistance as well as resources to support Ann with her own well-being while being there for Maxwell,” she explains. 

Veronica also connected Maxwell with the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to ensure a comprehensive support system be put in place for him.  The aim was to assist Maxwell live comfortably at home, surrounded by the love and familiarity he cherishes. 


Home comforts

Reflecting on their journey, Maxwell and his wife express gratitude for the assistance they received from Veronica.  

“We feel comfortable at home now with our routine thanks to Veronica’s guidance and the support she helped us put in place,” they note.  

The road to recovery and daily life might have its twists and turns, but with the right support, familiarity and home comfort can win. 


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