Finding independence after loss

Patricia was living a fairytale with her husband of 63 years Percival in a small rural town on the NSW and QLD border.  Their country home had seen 5 sons grow into men and welcome families of their own, now totaling 11 grandchildren and 2 great grand babies. But on 20 June this year, the happy days came to a sudden end, with the death of her beloved from heart issues. Percival passed at 90 years of age after a wonderful life, but the emptiness in their once busy home was engulfing.


A loving family’s concern 

The close-knit family was concerned with how Patricia would manage at home on her own without the presence of their father to carry out domestic duties and for companionship.  Emotional support is no issue for this family, but they all live scattered outside their hometown making it impossible to provide regular support with daily chores.  

Patricia was also concerned with how she would cope alone as she did not feel as capable as she once did. Ageing and grief had left her feeling fragile and overwhelmed.  And with their local doctor service only operating every second day it was vital she remain strong and healthy to stay in the home she had known for most of her life.  


Independence is at the heart of it all 

The first visit by Home Support Assessor Donna was a lengthy one, as she needed to make sure they discussed and unpacked all the things that were concerning Patricia. A capable country girl at heart, she was determined to hold onto her independence and continue to enjoy her home. 

Donna quickly got the ball rolling with support for physical domestic duties of cleaning and lawn maintenance which immediately lifted some pressure from Patricia.   

“I find it difficult these days to get down to clean the bathroom properly,” Patricia acknowledged. Having kept a clean home all her life, Patricia appreciates this weekly support to continue to do so, as well as regular connection with friendly company. 

“I also like that she keeps me up to date on the town news.  There’s only about 600 of us and I know many of them, so I feel like I’m still included in my community.”  

And it’s not just Patricia who is pleased with the household assistance and cheerful company.  Her family has breathed a sigh of relief knowing their mum has been eased of some physical chores that were too much for her; and the fun friendship is the icing on the cake!  Not living close to loved ones in need is stressful, so when the right support is put in place the relief and peace is far reaching within the family.  

Percival’s passing is still fresh for Patricia as she makes her way through administration and arrangements, but she sees a light at the end of the tunnel.  When she finishes with these responsibilities, she intends to return to her regular outings that include weekly coffee catchups with friends in town. 

To further support Patricia with her wellness and independence at home, Donna organised a Home Care Package that will give her ongoing in-home support into the future. Patricia would like to use the package to make some minor home modifications that will enhance her mobility and safety in the bathroom and continue assistance with household tasks. Supporting her to achieve her needs and goals has been a delight.  


If you would like more information on how you, or a loved one, can be supported to live independently at home for longer we welcome you to contact us on 1300 012 055.