Cary’s fears have been washed away

It’s worrying when an everyday necessity becomes a cause for concern.  For Cary, the daunting fear of falling in the shower was one such thing. 

“Cary’s previous fall wasn’t just an ordinary tumble. It led to a severe injury which resulted in a long nine-month hospital stay, and subsequently, an extended phase of rehabilitation,” reveals Home Support Assessor Donna, who had the opportunity to work with Cary.  

The after-effects of the fall were profound. It not only limited Cary’s mobility but also made him apprehensive about engaging in routine daily activities, especially showering. 

Every time Cary wanted to take a shower, he would wait for a friend to be there, not to help, just to be present. This was not only because of his reduced mobility but predominantly due to the memory of his fall.  


Cause for concern

“The vulnerability of falling again worried him,” says Donna. “Cary’s independence was at stake, and it was evident that a solution had to be found.” 

During Cary’s assessment with Donna, the need for showering assistance was evident. But Cary was stoically hesitant about using a support worker’s time.  He had friends he was comfortable with, but relying on them meant he could only shower based on their availability. 

Recognising Cary’s need for independence and acknowledging his reservations, Donna suggested a non-slip mat for the shower. The idea was simple, yet it promised a world of difference for Cary. The shower mat was promptly ordered from Geat2Go.

The confidence to make a big splash!

Today, Cary can’t stop praising that “bloody little ripper” of a mat. “It’s been a life changer,” he exclaims.  

The mat, with its anti-slip feature, gave Cary the confidence he had lost. Now, he no longer needs to wait days for someone’s assistance to shower. He can freely step into the shower, whenever he wishes, without the looming fear of a fall. 


Simple solutions, profound impact

Donna beams when she talks about Cary’s regained independence. “It’s truly heartwarming to see how a seemingly small solution can bring such a massive change in someone’s life. Cary’s story is a testament to the fact that sometimes all it takes is a simple fix to address complex issues,” she reflects. 

Cary’s journey from being frustratingly reliant to regaining his independence in the shower is not just about overcoming physical limitations. It’s also about conquering mental barriers.  

This story is one of many where thoughtful support, combined with innovative products and solutions, results in independence at home for an older Australian.  


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