Regional Assessment Service

The dynamic nature of how we care for the aged in our community, is reflected in our commitment to deliver exceptional Regional Assessment Services (RAS) as part of the government’s My Aged Care program.

As one of 17 organisations around Australia contracted to deliver assessment services, Aspire4Life employs a trusted network of assessors. Our professional Home Support Assessors are experienced at providing independent and unbiased assessments and recommendations, which transform lives in a way that empowers the individual. While our assessors come from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, the one thing they all share is a commitment to fostering an authentic, caring and human approach.

On behalf of My Aged Care, our assessors provide a multidisciplinary approach to their work, drawing on their first-hand knowledge of the care providers and networks within the local community. Through timely assessment and planning, we utilise goal setting to provide responsive, flexible and measurable outcomes.

Our organisation and our assessors are not aligned with any service providers and they approach every interaction without preconceptions. They engage meaningfully with each individual on a level that delivers informed consumer choice, empowers them at every stage of the journey and most importantly, delivers the best outcome with a focus on wellness, re-ablement and independence.

Photo of Aspire4Life Assessor talking to clients in their living room
Photo of clients talking to Aspire4Life assessor in clients' patio