What is reablement in relation to Aged Care?

Sometimes you may need to learn new skills or re-learn skills to allow you to continue to live independently at home. Aspire4Life can support you with achieving your goals to regain your independence.

In this video we cover:

  1. What is reablement in relation to aged care?

    Reablement is the term given to short term support to help you learn new skills or re-learn skills needed for independent living at home. Reablement is about focussing on how My Aged Care can improve what you can do for yourself and implementing strategies focused towards a certain goal.

    To speak to a My Aged Care representative you will need to call the contact centre on 1800 200 422.

  2. How is a reablement approach used by Home Support Assessors?

    When we create a Support Plan using a reablement approach, we are looking for goals that are time-limited and have a purpose to regain or build on your independence. A reablement approach aims to assist with a better quality of life by incorporating short term services or supporting small changes to help with your daily activities.

    An assessor who is focussed on building your capacity to regain or maintain your independence will look at what can help you carry out certain daily tasks or how you can learn a different way of doing it, rather than putting in services or solutions that will complete these tasks for you. It is very important to keep active and maintain independence with your daily activities as long as possible.


  3. Why are Home Support Assessors using reablement?

    A reablement approach to assessment is about tailoring our approach to your individual needs because we have learnt that each situation will differ depending on your own personal goals and requirements. Reablement is about working together to create ways of improving your situation and the best supports to help you achieve your goals. As part of your reablement plan, your assessor will refer to services that include physiotherapy, domestic assistance, home modifications or occupational therapy, and also may recommend suitable equipment.

  4. What happens after I have received a plan with a reablement goal?

    After you receive a plan with reablement outcomes, your assessor will stay in contact with you and check in at times to discuss your progress and encourage and support you. Your assessor will also provide further assistance and work with you and your choices to ensure you feel secure and supported through your progress. When you have a reablement plan you have control in building your capacity.

    We focus together on your wellness and will ensure you have the support you need. When appropriate we will link you to community-based activities, involve aged care services or provide ideas and recommendations to you in support of your goals. Ultimately, reablement is about putting your independence first, focusing on your long-term plan and lowering your needs for outside supports in the future as much as possible.

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