Terence Hand


With a career spanning three decades in the Australian tertiary education sector, Terry was involved in several historical overhauls including the transfer of nurse education from the hospital system.

A former Lecturer in Political Science at the University of New South Wales, Terry also served as Director of Corporate Planning and Policy – a role that involved management of the University’s strategic planning system, providing advice for the Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on external policies with implications for the University.

During this tenure, Terry served on the NSW Ministerial Enquiry into Teaching Education and on the team that developed the weighted student-funding model for Australian university disciplines.  He was also awarded life membership with distinction to the Australasian Association for Institutional Research.

Terry also spent time at the Sydney College of Advanced Education where he was in charge of Management of Planning Services, Computing and Property.  It was during this tenure that he served on Ministerial Advisory Committees for the transfer of nurse education from hospital to education system, and the abolishment of Colleges of Advanced Education and transferring responsibilities to Universities. These roles required sensitive negotiations and were instrumental to his development of high-level negotiation and people skills at the institutional level and in the corridors of government.

On retirement, Terry joined the Educational Testing Centre as a consultant, which involved development of skills-assessment instruments for secondary and primary schools.  During this time he received a grant for the development of a socio-economic profile of Aboriginal Australians to inform Federal Government Policy on Reconciliation.

In 2003 Terry ended his involvement with the Australian tertiary education system and bought a coffee farm which kept him occupied through all aspects of running a business including growing, processing, promotion, sales, distribution and managing accounts. During this time he served on the Feros Care Board including a period as Chair.

Now having spent some time in Wales, Terry looks forward to once more contributing to the Australian care system through his role as a Director on the Aspire4Life Board.