Year in Review 2018/19

In the past financial year, Aspire4life has remained a leading human services organisation in our communities, supporting Australians to achieve their aspirations for lifelong confidence, independence and good health.


This year we continued our close partnership with the Australian Federal Government under the My Aged Care banner providing Regional Assessment Services in 17 regions. Our Regional Assessment Team supported over 35,000 older Australians remain independent in their homes.

Our Home Support Assessors are experienced in providing independent and unbiased assessments using a Wellness and Reablement approach to best accommodate older Australians. I am proud to report that once again this was supported by an impressive 97.7% client satisfaction rate.

Aspire4life was selected as one of five organisation to participate in the Australian Government funded Active Assessment ‘reablement trial’. The active assessment model puts an emphasis on an individual’s strengths and goals and will aim to show a reduction in the need for more complex, ongoing services.

As part of our diversification strategies we have applied have been successful to provide Veterans Home Care Assessments to veterans in seven regions across NSW. Our role as a Veterans’ Home Care assessment agency is to perform assessment and planning for Veterans and their loved ones in the Sydney Metro region and surrounds. We look forward to building this partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs and enhancing the experience for service men and woman and their families across Australia.

At Aspire4life we strongly believe in the importance of social connection as a vital element of overall health. In an effort to help reduce loneliness and isolation of older Australians we have established a new partnership named In Great Company. In Great Company is a free volunteer program designed to connect people in need of support and social connection with caring, friendly, and enthusiastic volunteers, who want to make a real difference in someone’s life.

This year saw us implement enhancements to quality systems and be re-accredited under ISO 9001.

As an initiative to enhance our overall quality and reporting systems we have developed a customised information and logistics system named Neptune that will support our teams in capturing and storing data, co-ordinating logistics, providing important business intelligence and interacting with government portals. Our Neptune system will effectively improve mobile access for our geographically spread workforce and allow our management team access to rich and live data to contribute to the ongoing continuous improvement of our services.

I am very proud of the achievements we have made this year and I am looking forward to the next twelve months where we, as an organisation, will continue to redefine what’s possible.